Love & Autism is a local conference, creating global change. This year, no matter where in the world you live you too can be a part of the Love & Autism movement & community.

Become a Member of Love & Autism!

  • Receive a free Love & Autism t-shirt & bumper sticker
  • Unlock membership discounts to the annual Love & Autism conference in San Diego
  • Exclusive membership emails updating you about what is going on behind the scenes
  • Get half off ALL Love & Autism merchandise (sweatshirts, t-shirts & hats!)
  • Unlock virtual badges to proudly display your membership status

Most importantly, you will be contributing to a cause that champions the autistic voice and is fighting to create a world that accepts, not rejects. 

Autistic, allistic, neurodivergent, or neurotypical…all of our children require us to adopt practices where each human being is able to define themselves not by a diagnostic checklist but by their authentic self. Let’s create a world together.

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