Dear Parent,

Have you been made to feel that the future is bleak for your autistic child?
Do you worry if the world will love your child as much as you do?
Do you want to see your child live a full and meaningful life?
We hear you. We want this too.

In 2014, what began as a local conference has turned into a movement to change how the world views autism. If you have a child with an autism diagnosis, you have probably been surrounded by the negative, doomsday way of thinking that says “there is no hope for your child”. We are here to tell you, that is NOT true. How do we know? Because we listen! We listen to autistic voices. If you really want to know what something is like, go straight to the source. As parents, you are yearning for a deeper understanding of what it means to be autistic. This makes sense. We know you want to better support your child now and want hope for your child’s future.

We created Love & Autism for you.  

At Love & Autism, we reject these common myths:

MYTH: Autistic people are not ‘normal’

Fact: Autistic people are neurodivergent thinkers. This does not make them abnormal. Each person has a different and valid way of thinking. Our world needs a collection of diverse minds.

MYTH: My child will never make real friendships

Fact: Autistic people have meaningful relationships in all various forms from friendship, intimate partnerships, to close colleagues throughout the lifespan.

MYTH: An autism diagnosis is a tragedy

Fact: How we define autism is a socially constructed idea. Using a tragedy lens limits inclusion and is damaging who are identified as autistic. Some ideas are better than others, we can re-define autism.

MYTH: Autism is best treated with a behavioral approach.

Fact: Parents needs to find supports that match their family values and the uniqueness of their child. Treatment should feel good to those that are receiving it. Treatment should be holistic and not reduce people to behaviors.

MYTH: Professional guidance is all that matters in treatment.

Fact: Listening to autistic voices will support your understanding of what it means to live a full and meaningful life with autism.

MYTH:  In order to be happy and successful, autism must be remediated.

Fact: Autistic people have the ability to be truly happy and successful and still be autistic.

Read Founder of the Love & autism movement, Jenny Palmiotto’s personal manifesto here.

Dear Parents of Autistic Children. At Love & Autism, we believe that to truly understand and support your child, you have to listen to autistic voices. Because, let's face it, unless you are also autistic, you will never know what it is like. Have you ever stopped to learn from an autistic person?
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