Love & Autism

Learn about nuerodiversity.

We can shift the narrative when we listen to actually autistic people. Explore resources on positive autistic identity, neurodiversity, future quality of life, and creating wellness for the whole family. We have gathered these resources from neurodivergent leaders who we have learned from on topics that we believe are important.

Together, we can learn & grow.

Neurodiversity Resources

#ActuallyAutistic Bloggers

A Coherent Heart

A Road to Me

Abnormal Diversity

Accepting Differences

Acting NT

Ad Astra Aspie

Adrian Moore Le Blog

Always Aspiegirl

Amy Gravino’s Blog: Amy’s Tiny Corner of Existence

An Autism Observer

Angry Autie

Anything Maureen Writer, Asperger, Vision impaired

Ask An Aspie

Asperger’s Illustrated

Aspergers on Toast


Aspertypical Changing the Face of Autism

Aspie Versus World blog

Aspiepriest (Catholic)


Aspienaut Wired differently


Auti Woman Different Box

Autism and Expectations: The Thoughts of a Late Diagnosed Autistic Woman

Autism Lifetime Undiagnosed

Autism Love

Autism Love: Living, Loving, and learning to cope on the spectrum

Autism Matters

Autism Musings About Stuff and Things

Autism Through Collage facebook page

Autistic Beekeeper

Autistic Planet

Autistic Times Two Nice post on Neurodiversity

Autistic Vegan

Autistic Zebra

Autisticality (Has a Traits List)

Autistictic Blog



Between Spectrums

Briannon Lee

Broken Cookies Taste Just As Sweet


CATs Living With Autism

Certain Good

Chaotic Idealism

Clay Marzo

Dancing Through Aspergers

Deep Philosophy of Travelor

Gretechen Leary “Aspie, Author, Advocate” (Poetry)

I’m Somewhere Else

Ido in Autsimland

Just One Autistic Girl

Life on the Other Side of the Wall

Living with FASD and Autism (Ann Kagarise)

Lydia Brown’s blog: Autistic Hoya

Lyssa and Me

Married with Aspergers

My Blue Aspie Island


Neurodiverse: Twentysomething autistic woman. Neuroscience graduate learning to code.

On The Spectrum

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

Samantha Craft’s Blogs

Scott Lentine

Seeing Double, Understanding Autism


Succeed on the Spectrum

The Aspergian

The Aspie Mermaid: Me, Rambling about Me

The Autistic Rat

The Other Side

The Vowel Diaries

The world through an alternative mindset

Typically Individual

UnBoxed Brain

Unstrange Mind

Violet Haze

Other compiled lists:

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