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Love is part of the human experience
People on the spectrum long for love and connection
Give love, receive love, it’s no different with persons on the spectrum

Stories that Grow Us

 What we say matters, how we talk shapes our worldview

 Storytelling and listening to other people’s stories changes the lives of the listeners

 Storytelling creates power and can shape a better future for autistic individuals

 Storytelling gives power back to the autistic individual and their families

 Storytelling can give hope, especially for those who have lived with a negative view of autism for too long

Our message of hope is not only for those who are autistic, but also for parents raising autistic children. As parents of autistic children, it may be hard to envision what life will be like for your child as he or she grows up. This might be the result of life being so busy that getting through the now is enough to handle. However, I think the bigger issue is that parents raising young children and teens do not get a chance to interact with a variety of autistic adults. For these parents, taking the time to listen to autistic voices is key because it gives us a message of hope; that each of us is on our own paths to find love, acceptance and belonging.

What people are saying…

“This conference was amazing. I learned so much I could use as a parent and a professional. I’m leaving inspired and renewed.”

Aisha Pope, Parent

“Great blend of speakers:  researchers, therapists, couple on spectrum in love, parents .  Definitely gave me a different perspective regarding the variances of ASD.”

Ansonoff, Parent and Professional

“Jenny is AMAZING! I see the love. I feel the love. The videos were powerful, effective, hopeful and helpful.  Jenny explained the videos beautifully.”

Julie Sando, Professional

“Everything was lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I felt privileged coming to this event. Very life changing information.”

Sonia Rivera, Parent

2016 Videos

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Why this price point?
Our conference offers an honorarium and travel accommodations for all speakers! With 80%of our speaker identifying as on the spectrum, this is our commitment to fair wages for people with disabilities.

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