The 2018 Love & Autism Conference  

  Autism Parents, Professionals & Advocates Learning Together  

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No matter if you are an autism parent, grandparent, partner, advocate, professional or in ANY way connected to an autistic child, teen or adult, the 2018 Love & Autism conference is for you! Our goal is simple: every human being needs love and human connection & we are creating a world where autistic people are valued and worthy.

Session Topics Include:


Autism and Empathy


The Courage to Be You


How to be a Friend


Autism & Self-Love


Learning To Love Myself, Quirks and All


Autism in the Media: Featuring Jenna Boyd from Netflix's 'Atypical'


Driving while Autistic


Strengthening Couple Relationships


Boundaries about our Bodies


Practicing Self-love


Demystifying Special Education Law


Compassionate Parenting

Keynote Presenters

Clay Marzo & Jill Marzo

Professional Surfer

Sally J. Pla

Children's Author

Samantha Craft


Alix Generous

Speaker, Advocate

David Finch

Author, Speaker

Dr. Jenny Palmiotto

Autism Therapist, PhD

 October 13-14th, 2018 ○ Liberty Station Conference Center ○ San Diego, CA

One Day: $170 ○ Two Day: $285 ○ Special Discounts for Members of Love & Autism

Why this price point?

Musical Acts & Entertainment

Noah Cummins


Michael Andolsek

Fashion Designer

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Intuitive Artist

Gavin Martin


We value neurodivergent leaders and reject the pathology paradigm because the development of healthy autistic identities matters. We are proud to be the only conference in the United States that offers 100% autistic representation for our mainstage speakers & performers.

Community ○ Support ○ Answers

Love & Autism for Parents

Your child can live a full & meaningful life on the spectrum
An autism diagnosis is NOT a tragedy
Your child can make friends (and really wants to!)

Listening to autistic voices will support your understanding of what it means to live a full and meaningful life with autism.

A Love & Autism attendee finds a friend and mentor in Alex Plank. Alex is the founder of, the largest online forum for autistic individuals in the world. 

The Love & Autism conference is one of the few conferences that centers autistic voices and creates a hospitable space for the autistic community to share knowledge with non-autistic parents and professionals. I see an authentic commitment here to shifting the discourse toward love and positivity, without shying away from difficult topics. Love & Autism is blazing a trail that I hope other conferences will follow.

Nick Walker

Do you have an autistic teen that struggles with isolation, loneliness or bullying? You Belong” is a two-day experience for young people on the autistic spectrum, facilitated by Kyler Shumway M.A and Daniel Wendler M.A. Participants receive the opportunity to experience belonging and connection, form friendships, safely process past experiences of exclusion or rejection, and learn practical social skills that foster life-long social growth.

All are welcome, and participants are invited to participate as much as they like but never forced to engage in any activity.

Knowledge ○ Growth ○ Understanding

Love & Autism for Professionals

Learn from autistic adults
Rediscover the joy of your work
Learn from others in your field

At Love & Autism, we offer a unique experience where we can learn from autistic voices. We are one of the only conferences where the speakers are made of primarily autistic speakers.


Alex Plank, founder of & autistic self-advocate talks to 2016 speaker & acclaimed author, Steve Silberman.

What really stands out about the love and autism conference is that it offers parents, therapists, teachers and practitioners a chance to be directly mentored by autists themselves.That shouldn't be a rare thing, but sadly it is. Anyone who is serious about working in the field of neuro-difference should attend this conference.

Rubert Isaacson

This conference was amazing. I learned so much I could use as a parent and a professional. I’m leaving inspired and renewed.

Aisha Pope

Parent, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Roots & Wings Consulting

My past is not too negative. The history of ups exceeds the downs by 100 to 1. I was so focused on the "1." I, now, look back on the few negative events and think "so what." I have never felt so confident looking forward.

Autistic Self-Advocate

Thank you for holding this conference which is so full of love and understanding. It is so wonderful to hear the stories and lessons of the true experts on autism.


My favorite conference by a long shot.

Dr. Joshua Feder

Child and Family Psychiatrist, Learn More

Friendship ○ Authenticity ○ Belonging

Love & Autism for Autists

Find a community
Live authentically
Be a positive role model

In a world that often makes you fell not 'good enough', we invite you to find your true self and the power that comes with authentic living. You have found your safe space. 

Find Your Tribe at the 2018 Love & Autism conference.

After going through boot camp and school at Liberty Station, to return there for Love and Autism was like awakening from a very bizarre dream, but it has helped galvanize my sense of community, brought an understanding of the diversity within neurodiversity and given me the chance to find my tribe. I want to express my gratitude to you for being a part of this experience.

William Tole


Past Love and Autism Conference Sponsors:

Why this price point?
Our conference offers an honorarium and travel accommodations for all main stage speakers! All Love & Autism performers are also compensated for their time. We also value our Love & Autism volunteers, sponsors, and members. Without our community support, we would not be able to host an event like this. With 80%of our speaker identifying as on the spectrum, this is our commitment to fair wages for people with disabilities.

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