Think you know autism?

 The diagnosis and “treatment” of autism is changing dramatically. Neurodiversity is at the forefront of our conversation about autism. Autistic people are not failed version of normal, rather unique individuals with their own story of struggle and strength. We must listen to autistic voices in inform our clinical care. We must embrace the change.

Like us, you got into this business because you care. As clinicians, we believe that loving-kindness should guide us. That people aren’t a collection of behaviors. We invite you to take a leap of faith with us, as we ‘shift’ our attitudes and beliefs about autism. We need to adopt an “understand first” attitude, that will help the persons entrusted into our care understand that they are lovable and valuable just as they are. Where those that we serve, leave our care feeling like they matter and knowing that they will do wonderful things.

Behavior change matters. It’s just US who needs to change.

At Love & Autism, we offer a unique experience where we can learn from autistic voices. We are one of the only conferences where the speakers are made of primarily autistic speakers. The following are former and upcoming speakers that have attended our conference.

Past Speakers


  Stephen Shore Ed. D.

  Lindsey Nebeker

  Alex Plank

  Donna Williams

  Anita Lesko

  Steve Silberman

  Dan Siegal

  Barry Prizant

Present Speakers


  John Elder Robison: John grew up with Asperger’s Syndrome, and was undiagnosed until the age of 40. He nevertheless lived an incredible life. He is the author of Switched OnRaising Cubby, Look Me in the Eye, my life with Asperger’s and Be Different, Adventures of a free-range Aspergian.  John’s writing has been translated into 18 languages and is sold in 60+ countries. John is also the Neurodiversity Scholar in Residence at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, a speaker, autism self-advocate, father and husband.

  David Finch:  Author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to Be a Better Husband. David also a co-founded of Front Range Center for Neurodiversity, a global organization headquartered in Denver, providing lifelong inclusion opportunities for individuals with autism and Asperger’s.

  Nick Walker: An Autistic author, educator speaker, transdisciplinary scholar, and aikido teacher. Nick is also the co-founder and editor for the independent worker-owned publishing house Autonomous Press and a faculty worker at at California Institute of Integral Studies.

  Daniel Wendler:  Diagnosed with Asperger in high school, Daniel now works as a social skills author to share what he’s learned with others. He’s written the books “Improve Your Social Skills” and “Level Up Your Social Life”, as well as the website He has also advocated for autism awareness through presentations at TEDx University of Arizona, the Marbridge Foundation, and the Matthew Reardon Foundation Conference for Autism. Daniel holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and is pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology from George Fox University.



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