Dear Autist,

It breaks my heart considering how often you’ve been called or treated as if you are ‘not normal’.
I’m sorry that your voice has been silenced, discriminated, marginalized, pushed aside, devalued, abused, treated as less.
You have always deserved more.

Everyone has had those moments where they look back on their life and think, ‘If only I knew then what I know now, I would have done it differently.’ I am no different. You see, I am an “autism therapist”. I started out my career full of optimism and hope, with a true love of helping people and a need to change the world. In my first years as a direct therapist, I thought the goals for my clients was to be “normal.” I was trained to stop the “behaviors” at all costs. Don’t question, just follow the treatment plan. I was wrong. I am telling you this story because above all things, I believe in being authentic. I believe in the human potential to grow. My story is one of growth. I’ve learned  from you and with you and I will continue to do so.  I have valued listening to your voice above all others. Sadly, far more global change is needed. I’d like to create more change. I invite you to create change with me. Let’s create a new narrative around autism. Let’s make this world a better place, you and me.

Founder of Love & Autism, Jenny Palmiotto. 

Shift the Narrative

As you know, the idea that autistic individuals have no need or desire for relationship is a very dehumanizing and pervasive myth. At Love & Autism, our goal is to crush the this myth and show the world that love, dating, sex, friendship and belonging are innate human desires that apply to autistic people just as much as anyone else.

We believe that to change the way the world views autism, we must start by telling our own stories. Every year at our conference we invite autistic speakers to share their story. Every speaker at the Love & Autism conference is challenged to be raw, honest and real about both their struggles and strengths.

We invite you to be a part of the Love & Autism movement by sharing your story. Let the world hear your voice.

Shift the narrative of autism. Show parents that autism is not the "end." Be a positive role model for the next generation of autistic children. Change the lives of your listeners.
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