Love & Autism

We need you! Are you an autistic self-advocate, business owner, parent, professional, and lover or Love & Autism? If you are living your life in alignment with the values of Love & Autism, we need you! As you know, the idea that autistic individuals have no need or desire for relationship is a very dehumanizing and pervasive myth.

At Love & Autism, our goal is to crush the this myth and show the world that love, dating, sex, friendship and belonging are innate human desires that apply to autistic people just as much as anyone else.

Show us the value of living with authenticity. Tell us your story of struggle and strength. Share what it means to embrace love & autism.

We want your Contributions & Collaborations. Write something, film something, create a meme, send us your best quote, or anything for that embodies our values.

Let the world hear your story.

  • – Avoid the following: Words like behaviors, cure, fix, train, restrict, retarded, functioning labels (i.e. Low functioning/High functioning), ABA, anti-vax speech, or anything that can be seen as harmful to a healthy autistic identity.
  • – This is not the time or place for blaming or shaming of any person, place, or thing; no rants, raves, hate, complaints, intolerance, meanness, cruelty, intentional hurt, autistic self-loathing, or dehumanizing language.
  • – Words and things we love!: Love, Intersectionality (Think autism & (culture; diversity; equality; positivity) etc.), stories of growth, meaningful Love & Autism experiences, story of struggle and strength, autistic leadership and role-models, living your truth, play, joy, laughter, compassion, connection, kindness, healthy autistic identity, humor, creativity, neurodivergent life hacks, and anything that embodies our values
  • – Keep videos submissions short – 2-7 minutes. Limit written submissions to a max of 500 words
  • – Contributions are for the purpose of connecting with likeminded human beings. Your contributions may be posted on our various social media channels.
  • – If you want people to be able to contact you, please make sure you fill out the appropriate fields in the form. Including: Social media links, website links, email address.


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