Think about the last time you made a mistake.

For many, this isn’t a comfortable thing to do. For many, making a mistake is accompanied by self-judgement. A critical voice in our head that calls us names and berates us for our failings. When we make mistakes, fall, or just mess up, our self-talk can be full of judgement, criticism and accompanied by feelings of shame.

In our moments of suffering, we may welcome kindness and understanding from others; but it is not something we give to ourselves.

For our next Love & Autism pop-up event, learn how to shift your self-talk from judgement and criticism, to a voice of understanding, kindness, and compassion.

(Want to discover if this is something that would benefit you? Take this self-compassion quiz to find out!)

Learning to love and value yourself is essential to increase confidence and self-esteem.

More importantly, if we can do this for ourselves, we can model this practice for our children. So if your inner critic has taken over and beaten you down, join us on April 9th as we help you discover what it means to treat yourself with compassion and kindness during struggle.

Increasing our self-compassion takes mindfulness and intention. Make sure to bring a pen and some paper, as you will be asked to reflect on and practice beginning elements of a self-compassion practice.

To register for this event, please Go Here.

Speaker: Amber Hasbun, LMFT
Date: April, 9th, 2019
Time: 6:30-8pm (PST)
Location: EF Internation Language Campus, San Diego, CA

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