This story was submitted to us by Ronan Daglish. 

Hello, my name is Ronan and I am a film maker. I love to film, edit, Direct, Produce, and write scripts for my own films. Someday I hope to work in the film industry and share my talents with the world. I created a short film called “Everyday Heroes” and it’s about all of the people who help me and other people by encouraging us to just be our best selves. I won awards of merit and excellence for this short film. It was even showcased at the State level.

I am glad that I have people who love me and encourage me and don’t make me feel like I need to change who I am.

Here are some pictures of me with my medals and certificates. This made me feel very proud of myself and it helped to realize that I really have a talent that makes me happy and I love sharing my gifts with the world.

Last year I attended the Love and Autism conference and I loved it! It was like heaven to me. I have some footage and featured some people from the conference in my short film because they are heroes to me. I think I am a hero too because I could inspire other people to think of ways they can help make our world a better place by being kind and helping others and just being themselves. Look for more of my films coming soon!

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