Jake will be presenting at this year’s Love & Autism conference on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. In their session, Becoming: Our Story of Autism and RDI, Relationship Development Intervention, Kristine will share their journey of discovery led down a path towards RDI, how RDI gives confidence back to parent as the primary guide for their children and her personal story of struggle, dreams, accomplishment and the hope for the future she now shares with her son.

When Jake was diagnosed with autism at the age of two my world changed forever. My journey of discovery led me down a path towards RDI, Relationship Development Intervention. RDI opened up a new world for me as a parent, learning how to guide my son and then as a Certified RDI Consultant working with Dr. Gutstein, founder of RDI. Our story is entwined in our becoming, what we have learned about ourselves and who we decided we wanted to become as individuals; our struggles, our dreams, what we have accomplished over the years and our hopes for the future.

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