David Hamrick is another speaker that we invited back after he spoke at last year’s Love & Autism Conference.  As the other half of the autism power couple, David has been a speaker at conferences and workshops, having given over 60 presentations on autism and related issues over the last seven years.  David has also been featured with Lindsey in Glamour, NBC News, Women’s Magazine (UK), Autism Spectrum Quarterly, and MTV.

David is also received a Masters Degree in meteorology from North Caroline State University.  So it really makes sense that at this year’s Love & Autism Conference his presentation is titled “Weathering Autism in Relationships”.

As one of the couples featured in the documentary Autism in Love, David was often asked to comment on love and relationships.  I love David’s explanation of what love is… “Love is basically, more like a force. Like in physics you have forces. Forces of attraction.  The best way to describe it is love is a force of attraction between two people, that is neither visible, measurable, or heard.  There is no way to quantify it.”

We at Love & Autism were so excited when David agreed to speak again this year.  At last year’s conference, David was noted as one of peoples favorite presenters.  Not only was he incredibly charming, but his presentation was both entertaining and informative.

David takes a very pragmatic approach to dating and relationships, which influences his presentation style. He gives very clear and easy to understand advice on meeting a potential mate, ways to determine if someone is interested in you, and how to grow together in relationships.  I also appreciated his “Dos and Don’ts” summary at the end of the presentation.

As it relates to his autism, David appears to be an open book.  He is also able to reflect on his experiences growing up in a way that provides others an insight into the young mind of an autistic child.  Parents find his insight very helpful as “Why?” is a question they often ask when discussing their child’s unique behaviors.

Be sure not to miss David’s presentation on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Love & Autism: A Conference with Heart.  To register, visit our website loveandautism.wpengine.com.  There you will also find more information on our other incredible speakers, how to attend for little to no money, and about our All-Autism Wedding!  We look forward to seeing you there.

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