My name is Aspling, and I am a girl on the autistic spectrum.

But more importantly I am a human being, just like any other human being.

I grew up feeling like an outsider, a lost cause, different. I had friends, the same friends, then as I grew up I started spending more and more time alone. Growing up I had lots of obsessions, as I child I collected nail brushes, in all colours, shapes and sizes. This quickly changed to sculptures, and music. I struggled academically through school, plodding along with my anxiety until finally it was over.

Reaching my teens I became more and more aware of Autism, mostly because my mother worked in that field, and to her, I ‘ticked all the boxes’. I was diagnosed in 2017 at age 25. After all this time, I had a reason for all my problems, my life made sense again. Over the past few years I’ve been studying on a three year psychology degree, I got married (to someone with a diagnosis of Aspergers). The diagnosis just provided me with some relief.

Since the diagnosis I’ve set up my own social media brand (Aspling – Girl On The Spectrum) where I raise awareness as well as promoting acceptance. I want to be an advocate, to show parents its okay to be scared, its okay to not understand, to share my own experiences and provide useful and helpful strategies and information which can be easily implemented! This is my story in a nut shell.

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