My son has severe autism, he is 10 and a half.

He was born with the umbilical cord around his neck. I had him at 41 and a half weeks. He came out with dry skin and multiple infections. According to his doctor that did an MRI after birth, my son had a stroke in utero; he also had seizures before and after birth.

My son was taken from me by DCF. They are saying that it is my fault my son is autistic but there is medical facts stating that I’m not the cause, he was born this way. I never abused my kids. I love my boys. I love my Autistic son, Logan. He can run, walk, eat with a fork and a spoon, and I taught him that. I taught him some sign language too. People say, wow he has a lot of eye contact, but it’s because I taught him to look into people eyes. I showed him love and compassion.

Now my son is away from me. He is in speech and ABA therapies, and I am in counseling to help me with my depression.

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