It seems like everywhere we turn, hate is the new normal. The world is developing a culture of hate. Children are being bullied, people with autism are treated as less than human. Yet, hate neither grows us nor sustains us. Love is what matters most. Love has the power to change lives. Love is an action. Love is what makes Love & Autism different.

So many of us, with love in our hearts, are asking what we can do? How can we grow love? How we can make love an action?

For me, the word hate group continued to ping in my mind. I wonder and worry about how hate groups became the new normal. Well, if hate can form a group, so can love. And that’s what we intend to do at Love & Autism; form a collection of people who are clear and passionate that our children, our families our school and our world need more love for all people. Whether you intend to join us in September or not, you are part of change.

What will you do today to grow love in the hearts of others? What will you do to make sure your autistic loved one feels valued and whole? How will you make love an action?

Get involved! Reject hate. Let’s walk together in love. 


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