Every parent is connected in their desire to watch their children thrive and grow into happy, healthy adults. However, when parents of autistic children receive the diagnosis, they question their child’s future. What should I hope for? What will their relationships be like?  Will my child get a job? All very real concerns and also unhelpful because those aren’t just the questions circling in your head.  No, parents of autistic children field these questions from others when they learn about the diagnosis. Internal doubt and fears have the power to be limiting. But when our fears and doubts are externally validated because these messages, these questions, are expressed by others…it has a way of slowly eroding hopes.  

What’s safe to wish for? Why don’t others see my child the way I do? Am I the only one who believes my child is capable of more?

In short, yes. But the process of re-imagining the future isn’t a passive one. To collect new messages, to grow hope, we must seek out new experiences. For many, this journey starts at Love & Autism. Not convinced that this conference is right for you and your family?  

Here are 8 reasons to attend Love & Autism.     

1) Hear people talk about autism with love and kindness. This isn’t always the message that circulates in many conferences, which makes sense because messages of love are often disbelieved when they are followed by discussions about a cure. Or it’s hard to see and appreciate the whole person, when they are reduced and evaluated based on a collection of behaviors.   

2) You want a happy and healthy child. Wonderful! Surround yourself with a community whose values on how to support your child’s growth into their best self, align with your own.

3) Is ABA the only way? When parents first learn about their child’s autism, they are overwhelmed by the therapies and services available. There is a very clear path that many follow for the first few years after learning about the diagnosis. Once parents step off this path, they are often looking for alternative ways to support their child. Love & Autism is an opportunity to hear about other effective humanistic therapies.       

4) Connect with like-minded parents.   

5) Learn how to be what your child needs.    

6) Learn about future possibilities from autistic self-advocates. No one can guarantee a future. No one can predict someone’s potential. However many autistic adults have experienced being ‘written off’ because of their diagnosis. Learn their story and be inspired by people and families who refused to have their child’s fate decided at a ridiculously young age.          

7) Want things to get a little easier, but don’t know where to start. There are some very real challenges that autistic individuals struggle with throughout their lifespan. Love & Autism is helpful for those who are starting their journey, but don’t know what would be the best for their child and their family. Discover what else is available. We can help.         

8) Grow and nurture your hope. Many people come to Love & Autism for a variety of reasons. But participants who return, year after year, because of the message of hope.  

As parents, you are yearning for a deeper understanding of what it means to be autistic. This makes sense. We know you want to better support your child now and want hope for your child’s future. Join us at Love & Autism.

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