Love & Autism

The conference just gets better and better every year, and this was the best year yet!

Cindy Facteau

Chief Operations Officer, Yes I Can (YIC) Unity Through Music & Education, Inc.

What really stands out about the love and autism conference is that it offers parents, therapists, teachers and practitioners a chance to be directly mentored by autists themselves.That shouldn’t be a rare thing, but sadly it is. Anyone who is serious about working in the field of neuro-difference should attend this conference.

Rupert Isaacson

Owner, Horse Boy Foundation

This conference was amazing. I learned so much I could use as a parent and a professional. I’m leaving inspired and renewed.

Aisha Pope

Parent, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Roots & Wings Consulting

Brilliant conference!

Dena Gassner

Program Director, Center for Understanding

My past is not too negative. The history of ups exceeds the downs by 100 to 1. I was so focused on the “1.” I, now, look back on the few negative events and think “so what.” I have never felt so confident looking forward.


You guys keep impressing me!


Speaker, Self-Advocate

Thanks for a great time! We really loved all of our time there, and found it very valuable.

Noah Britton

Autistic Comedian, Asperger's Are Us

Jenny is AMAZING! I see the love. I feel the love. The videos were powerful, effective, hopeful and helpful.  Jenny explained the videos beautifully.

Julie Sando

NPT Child & Therapy Coach, Natural Play Therapy

After going through boot camp and school at Liberty Station, to return there for Love and Autism was like awakening from a very bizarre dream, but it has helped galvanize my sense of community, brought an understanding of the diversity within neurodiversity and given me the chance to find my tribe. I write this to you, because I want to express my gratitude to you for being a part of this experience. Have a nice day.

William Tole (Bill)

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Great blend of speakers: researchers, therapists, couple on spectrum in love, parents. Definitely gave me a different perspective regarding the variances of autism.


Parent and Professional

Thanks again for the invitation to the conference and to your commitment to making it an autistic-friendly and pro-neurodiversity event. Overall, I think the conference was fantastic.

Nick Walker

Author, Educator, Speaker, Owner of Autonomous Press

The Love & Autism conference is one of the few conferences that centers autistic voices and creates a hospitable space for the autistic community to share knowledge with non-autistic parents and professionals. I see an authentic commitment here to shifting the discourse toward love and positivity, without shying away from difficult topics. Love & Autism is blazing a trail that I hope other conferences will follow.

Nick Walker

Author, Educator, Speaker, Owner of Autonomous Press

Thank you Jenny. It was a great event! And you had many wonderful speakers. And I posted yesterday on our FB page – the accessibility page from your conference page. That was genius! And the conference did inspire our board to come up with editorial guidelines for submissions and how people self-refer.

Debra Muzikar

Co-Founder, The Art of Autism

My favorite conference by a long shot.

Dr. Joshua Feder

Child and Family Psychiatrist, Learn More

Thank you for holding this conference which is so full of love and understanding. It is so wonderful to hear the stories and lessons of the true experts on autism.


Everything was lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I felt privileged coming to this event. Very life changing information.

Sonia Rivera


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