Join Us for An Evening with Ezra: A Storytelling and Screening Event

Registrations for An Evening with Ezra have closed. You can sign up below to be notified about new events or donate to Love & Autism here. 

All donations will go to Love & Autism – a registered 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. This year, the L&A donation will help with the following:

1. Autism Diagnosis by neurodivergent affirming healthcare professionals (Love & Autism staffed and trained)

2. Low-cost mental health counseling with neurodivergent affirming health professionals

3. Training for clinicians to improve access to mental health care for autistic family systems

4. Events such as this one with the objective of dismantling ableism and creating a neurodivergent affirming world

Event Details

Date, Time & Location

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 at 6PM

Writers Guild Theater, 135 S Doheny Dr, Beverly Hills

Event Cost & Other Details

We are suggesting a $95 donation in place of a ticket price.

All attendees must be 13 years of age or older.

Event Organizers

An Evening with Ezra is sponsored by Love & Autism. Click here to learn more about this organization.

Donate to L&A and the event. Donations to this organization help fund diagnosis and counseling for ND individuals as well as training for clinicians who support them.

Connect with Us

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[email protected]

Love & Autism
Facebook: @LoveAndAutismSD
Instagram: @loveandautism

The world is cruel and can be an unforgiving place for those within the neuro-minority. This film, a story of father and son, continues the important conversation that autistic people want and need love at every stage of their lives.

Thoughtful Accessibility

Thoughtful accessibility is the practice of creating environments, resources, and experiences that embrace equality and invite each of us to tailor our experiences to our individual needs.

Accessibility from our perspective is not just about compliance with standards or obligation. We intentionally created a beautiful and cohesive event space . This is an inclusive experience that shifts the status quo of accommodations appearing juvenile, “special,” or available only in a separate space. Approaching accessibility in a humanistic way limits the othering that can be implicit in equitable access.

For some, planning and emotionally preparing for events enriches the experience. We’ve provided this guided experience so that you may make personalized decisions about this event. Thoughtful accessibility is a moving construct and we continue to reflect, revise, and improve to better serve each guest with the intention that you can be Unmasked & Authentic.

The brief descriptions of each space is a guide for all of us to learn about our internal regulatory needs. Use this guide to get curious about your own needs, respect differences, and create space that serves us all. On a computer click on the space on the map you are interested in to learn more about each space! On a phone zoom in to check out the spaces and map of the space. You can also scroll down to learn more about each accommodation.

Use the map interactively! Click on the pink labels for each accommodation and read the description to learn more!

Zoom into the map to check out the accommodation spaces. To read details about each special accommodation, scroll down and click on the images.

Sips & Social

“Ice Tea, Please!” Enjoying a cold beverage can be an immediate mood booster. We’ve chosen two signature drinks that are linked to the film; Ice Tea and a White Russian. Although this might just appear as a clever nod to this film, it is in fact a very simple and healthy refreshment.

When an object is part of a shared emotional memory, it can strengthen our feelings of connectedness and belonging. A tangible object amplifies our emotional experiences allowing us to feel fully present.

Relax & Unwind

In this space, you can find some quiet space. This area is meant for relaxation away from the stimulation of our reception area.

Find yourself a seat and unwind your mind and soul. Stay as long as you want. As you find yourself seeking relaxation, don’t judge this as flawed. Give yourself permission to give yourself what you need including relaxation.

Art & Music

The ampersand in this space is reflective of far more than music and art. Our featured artists are autistic & have multifaceted identities including disability, race, gender expression, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, class, and age. Understanding autistic intersectionality centers and amplifies autistic experiences as not all the same. When we visually process art we release dopamine which leads to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Appreciating the aesthetic qualities of art stimulates deeper meaning and memory.

Hearing a song with others creates a shared experience and increases our feelings of connection.

Breathe & Be You

Exposure to natural light and the overall enjoyment of sitting outside contributes to feelings of happiness. Walk outside to take some slow deep breaths while taking in the blue of the sky.

Pair the breath and the visual stimulation with a gentle and kind thought about yourself such as “I am valued and worthy just as I am.” Feel the excitement and immensity of this moment in time. Each of us here tonight is part of creating a neurodiversity-affirming world. Breathe that into your soul and just be you.

Unmasked & Authentic

Unmasked & Authentic was a guiding principle in developing this event. We hope that we have created an event where you get to experience the transformative of being your truest self without fear of judgment.

Play & Move

The rhythmic motion of swinging can have a soothing effect and release a natural feel-good chemical called oxytocin.

Lift your legs up to experience a greater sense of freedom and joy. If it serves you, slide off your shoes and ground yourself in the natural elements of grass. Direct contact with natural elements reduces cortisol levels, decreasing anxiety and releasing tension.

Engage & Connect

The experience of connection is at the foundation of Love & Autism. In this space, attune to others and invite rich, meaningful, playful, deep conversations with others.

Infodumping is welcome here. No need for small talk either. Connect in this space exactly as your true self. We are each rewarded when we let each other do that.

Photos & Fun

Smiling can trigger the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These chemicals act as natural mood lifters, reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness.

Walk on our pink carpet and see if a genuine smile emerges. Attend to the internal feelings when your face moves in this way. Capture this moment to hold for later reflection which increases happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

As you create core memories, show yourself gratitude. You are part of shifting the narrative of what it means to be autistic.

Reflect & Chill

Reflecting in silence allows the mind to pause and process without interruption. This space is free of conversation and interaction. The seating is low to the ground to encourage exploration of the soft textures.

Tactile stimulation provides feelings of comfort and an overall sense of well-being. We don’t think that you have to leave an event to invite the joy of silent reflection.

Soothe & Comfort

When you enter our event, allow yourself to personalize your experience by selecting items to have throughout the evening. Regulate through a drop of essential oils to alleviate tension, invigorate, or calm.

Use a pair of ear plugs to reduce sound violations and down-regulate your nervous system. Engage in repetitive motion with one of our fidgets to improve your overall experience. Use a hand warmer to shift from a state of tension to relaxation.

Screening & Story

Your comfort is our priority as we watch Ezra. Check in with yourself and determine what your spatial and movement needs.

We have provided you with a seat sash to indicate that your preference is for a bit more room between you and the next guest.

As all bodies have different movement needs, we have created a standing and movement only space. You may move within this space for any amount of time while enjoying the main event.

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