Daniel Wendler

Daniel Wendler is a social skills expert… with Asperger’s syndrome.

As a child, Daniel suffered from bullying, social isolation and depression. But after being diagnosed with Asperger’s in high school, Daniel started studying social skills the way one might study a foreign language. His study paid off, and Daniel began to make friends and experience the power of community.

You can learn more about Daniel here. 

Kyler Shumway

Kyler Shumway is Daniel’s best friend.

Kyler Shumway, MA, is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at George Fox University. Kyler is a sought-after speaker and neuroscientist with a mission of translating mental health research into something digestible for kids and families. Kyler’s research is diverse, ranging from social skills and brain development to Dungeons and Dragons and empathy. He has a passion for helping youth succeed and feel connected, with a background as a school counselor and collegiate track coach. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights with his best bud Daniel Wendler, cooking food with his wife Mary, and playing Overwatch.

You can read more about Kyler here.

Join Daniel and Kyler as they share their story of friendship, anxiety and how never fitting in as a teen has brought them to a place of helping others.



 Meet Daniel + Kyler

 Discovering Belonging

 Establishing Safety + Group Forming

 Anxiety Lesson

 Anxiety exercise

 Courage Quest





 Courage Quest, Part 2

 Growth Mindset Lesson

 Everybody Belongs


You Belong is a Love & Autism conference track for teenagers entering or currently in high school. The price point is the same as a the Love & Autism conference. You can find pricing and other details here.

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