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Love & Autism 2018

Love & Autism 2018 is still in the planning stages.

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Conference Accommodations
Love & Autism is committed to providing an accessible conference experience for all our diverse guests. With consultation from a team of autistic advisors, we have come up with the following list of the ways that we intend to accommodate a variety of needs. 
  • Calming room with comforting products – Adult Coloring Books with Markers, Pencils, etc. • Soft Blankets • Microplush Body Pillows • Weighted Animals • Weighted Blankets (One Small, One Large) • Yoga Mats • Swiss Balls/Stability Balls for Self Soothing • Sheer Materials for Silky Sensory Input • CD Player (very softly playing sounds of nature accompanied by classical music) • Lowered Lighting • Open Space for Quiet Pacing
  • Movement room – Trampolines • Dancing Scarves • Rocket Balloons • Various Fidgets • Spinning Tops • Yoga Mats • Rocking Disc • Stress Balls for Squeezing/Throwing • Swiss Balls/Balance Balls for Rolling, Rocking, etc. • Rolling Scooter Board • Open Space for Free Movement
  • Interaction badges
  • Adjustable foam visors to control overhead light discomfort
  • Ear plugs 
  • A select amount of noise cancelling ear phones
  • Fidgets
  • Mini-massagers
  • Essential oils for calm, energy, stress, etc. 
  • Handouts provided if speakers are using them
  • Blankets 
  • iPhone charging station
  • Handouts emailed when requested
  • Art experience 
  • Self-reflective experience for processing
  • Ability to privately debrief with conference staff
  • “Give & Receive” message board – where conference participants can suggest ways that they can give to others or a need that they are experiencing that could be met by a group member
  • GFCF food options each day
  • Option to bring in your own food
  • Facility-therapy dog
  • Clear signage
  • Clear schedules
  • Prohibit of flash photography through all conferences spaces except for designated flash photography private room
  • Communication partners or support staff welcome for those that need this support to attend
  • Reserved seating for those that require specific access

**There will be a diffuser in each room (calming & movement) using 100% natural essential oils such as lavender and citrus blends. If you have any allergies or olfactory aversions, please let the host know and they will be turned off so that you may enjoy your experience in these rooms.

No Flash Photography

At Love & Autism it is our desire that all of our guests have access to a safe and secure environment. For this reason we would like to remind you that the Love & Autism conference is a Flash Free Zone.

There will be a private room available for those who wish to take photos.

If you would like to understand the reason why a Flash Free Zone creates a safe space for our speakers and other autistic attendees with epilepsy, below are some articles that explain.

Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.

Articles by Kassiane Sibley:

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Why this price point?
Our conference offers an honorarium and travel accommodations for all speakers! With 80%of our speaker identifying as on the spectrum, this is our commitment to fair wages for people with disabilities.

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