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Blog Submissions from Autistic Individuals

Love & Autism is looking for original content contributions from neurodiverse individuals. These articles/blogs can cover any topic related to your experience of autism.

Topics we are looking for include the following:

  • Intersectionality (Think autism & (culture; diversity; equality; positivity) etc.)
  • Stories of growth
  • Meaningful Love & Autism experiences
  • Story of struggle and strength
  • Autistic leadership and role-models
  • Living your truth
  • Play, joy, laughter, compassion, connection, kindness, humor, creativity
  • Healthy autistic identity,
  • Neurodivergent life hacks
  • Autism & Relationships (friendships, romantic, family, etc.)
  • Diagnosis as an Adult
  • Autism in Girls/Women
  • Stereotyped Behavior 
  • What does Autism Mean to Me
  • Autism & Employment
  • and anything that speaks to your neurodiverse experience

Submission Guidelines

Avoid the following: Words like behaviors, cure, fix, train, restrict, retarded, functioning labels (i.e. Low functioning/High functioning), ABA, anti-vax speech, or anything that can be seen as harmful to a healthy autistic identity. 

This is not the time or place for blaming or shaming of any person, place, or thing; no rants, raves, hate, complaints, intolerance, meanness, cruelty, intentional hurt, autistic self-loathing, or dehumanizing language.

All posts must be between 1000-2000 words. 

You may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your submission if it meets the above requirements and is considered for publish on the website. To receive payment you must have a PayPal account. 

To submit an article/post please email your name, website/blog link (if you have one), a bio picture (if you want it posted) and an attached document of your submission to [email protected]

Not all posts will be accepted.

We Believe

We believe that our language around autism shapes and informs how the world interacts with autistic individuals. How we think, write, and converse about autism is fundamentally tied to how autistic individuals are treated in this world.

Love & Autism is a non-profit organization that shifts the hopeless narrative associated with autism and helps bring about global change in how autistic people are treated at work, home, academic setting, and community.

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