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Our language around autism shapes and informs how the world interacts with autistic individuals. How we think, write, and converse about autism is fundamentally tied to how autistic individuals are treated in this world including what interventions and therapies they receive at home and school. The point is, we all are responsible for growing a generation of children that treat each other with humanity, respect, equality, kindness, and assumption that each of us is ‘good enough.’

Love & Autism is a non-profit organization that aims to  shift the hopeless narrative associated with autism and help bring about a global change in the way autism is seen. 

Autism Rights Are Human Rights

The narrative shift begins with listening to the stories that #actuallyautistic people are telling about their lives.

Language? Pathology? Future quality of life? Learn the truth about autism and get resources to advocate.

Find a community of people who believe like you. Let's #shiftthenarrative together.

Autistic Power on the Job

Autistic Power on the Job

Endowed with the want to do their best and remain honest and loyal, autistic workers are not likely to cut corners when under deadlines, nor steal, cheat, or try to gain the upper hand. And an autistic worker will not commonly leave out pertinent information or fabricate facts to beat the workplace competition or gain recognition.

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Coming Out from Under the Radar

Coming Out from Under the Radar

Growing evidence is telling us that autistic women are sometimes deeply empathetic, and eager to be involved in the world. We observe social cues more carefully than men. We camouflage our symptoms.

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Creating A Better World; Autistic or Not

Creating A Better World; Autistic or Not

Autistic, allistic, neurodivergent, or neurotypical…all of our children require us to adopt practices where each human being is able to define themselves not by a diagnostic checklist but by their authentic self. Let’s create a world together.

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Change Starts With You

Autistic Voices Matter

To truly understand, listening to autistic voices is the first step because, unless you are autistic you will never know what it feels like. Have you ever stopped to learn?

Language Matters

Autistic individuals have made it clear they want to be referred to in first person language. Autistic - not 'person with autism'. Drop the high/low functioning labels.


A recent study has shown that depression/suicide is not a co-morbid autism trait but rather a by-product of years of bullying, isolation and non-acceptance. Acceptance starts with you.

Value the Identity

Autistic people are not a collection of behaviors. Treat them like the unique, nuanced individual human beings they are. If NT people can have different personalities, so can autistic people.

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