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Feeling Connected

Jan 10, 2018

This was submitted to us through our Love & Autism Story campaign. To submit your story of Love & Autism, go here. 

I worked with children on the spectrum from severe to mild for 15 years. I learned so much and enjoyed their humanness. Then my baby sister had a baby who had a brain injury at birth. All the things I learned from my students helped me to cure him and rewire his brain some. He's so engaged and so is his mother. Although he shows signs of being on the spectrum (age 3) he seems to be very engaged with others. I know what all the children and adults I worked with with Autism have given me all the tools I need to help my nephews feel connected to others and be happy in life.

Sandy Ansari


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Our conference offers an honorarium and travel accommodations for all speakers! With 80%of our speaker identifying as on the spectrum, this is our commitment to fair wages for people with disabilities.

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